Negotiation Skills


Negotiation Skills

Being able to negotiate well is critical for any project professional. You need to clarify what you hope to gain from negotiating, as well as understand the other side’s objectives to reach a mutually beneficial result. This course provides essential tips on how to prepare for negotiation, including managing emotions and understanding what all parties contribute to the process. You will also learn the difference between positions and interests and how to bargain to generate options to find the win-win. The course provides an opportunity to apply concepts taught to a real-life situation and to practice negotiating in a safe environment. Note: This course will earn you 7 PDUs.


Negotiation Skills

Learning objectives, at the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Develop the skills necessary for successful negotiation.
  • Identify key negotiation concepts and strategies.
  • Learn the key elements in preparing for negotiation to help ensure success.
  • Develop a BATNA (Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement) before starting negotiation.
  • Identify what we bring to the negotiation table that could get in the way of successful negotiation.
  • Generate options to getting to a shared agreement
  • Prepare for and practice negotiating in a safe environment

Course Outline:

1 – Negotiation Overview
Negotiation defined
Negotiation strategies
3 Negotiation approaches
Negotiation Process
2 – Preparing your Negotiation Mindset
Mental models
Personal values
Forms of power
Managing emotions
Identifying your personal hot buttons
Cooling down techniques
3 – Prepare for Negotiation
Determine if negotiation is your best path
Determine negotiation goal
Collect relevant information
Identify your BATNA
Identify your interests under your position
Build an effective environment
Prepare your opening statements
4 – Negotiation
Tips to Remember Before you Begin Negotiating
Present your opening statement
Exchange information – identify interests
Bargain and generate options for mutual gain
Finalize agreement & conclude negotiation
Overcoming negotiation challenges

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