Interpersonal Communication for Project Leaders


Successful Project Managers must be able to listen and communicate effectively with their teams and all levels of their organizations. It is important to understand communication needs across the project lifecycle, be able to assess a social situation, select an appropriate communication approach, and ultimately control the dialog to become effective at leading teams. This course is part of the PMI Talent Triangle Fast Pass bundle and fulfills the Leadership segment (8 PDUs) of the PMI Talent Triangle for PMP credential holders.


Learn tactics and techniques to boost emotional intelligence
Understand different question types and when to use them effectively
Learn active listening approaches and various listening styles
Review the Merrill & Reid Social Styles for reference
Identify visual, auditory, and kinesthetic communication approaches
Learn how to use a problem-solving listening framework
Understand best practices around project communications

Course Outline:

1 – Understand communications across the project lifecycle Communicate B.E.F.O.R.E. your project begins Set realistic expectations using the D.A.N.C.E. framework Identify and assess organizational communication channels Describe the stakeholder journey 2 – Assess a social situation Understand and use emotional intelligence Practical application of the Merrill & Reid Social Styles Determine the social status of participants 3 – Select an appropriate communication approach Identify stakeholder informational needs Assess stakeholders as visual, auditory, or kinesthetic Understand listening styles Determine means of communications 4 – Control the dialogue Use correct question types Actively listen Interpret verbal, paraverbal, and nonverbal cues Hermeneutics and Semiotics

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