Visio 365 Getting Started with Visio


This course provides students with a foundational knowledge of Visio. It covers basic navigation and functionality of the program. Students will learn how to create drawings, work with shapes, and create a flowchart.


The objective of the class is to provide an opportunity for students to familiarize themselves with the Visio environment and its capabilities. Students will gain information on the types of drawings Visio can be used to create, as well as how to manipulate and connect shapes.

Course Outline:

1 – Lessons

  • Overview of Visio: Learn the basic purpose of Visio and tour the user interface.
  • Creating Visio Drawings: Learn to use templates, create basic drawings, and add additional shapes.
  • Zooming In and Out: Learn to zoom in and out of drawings.
  • Working with Shapes: Learn to use Visio tools to size, move, format, align, and group shapes.
  • Working with Text: Learn to add text to shapes.
  • Working with Pages: Learn to create and rename Visio pages.
  • Creating a Flow Chart: Learn to create a basic flow chart and add connector lines.
  • Finalizing Visio Drawings: Learn to save, print, and share Visio drawings.

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