SC-400T00 Microsoft Information Protection Administrator


Learn how to protect information in your Microsoft 365 deployment. This course focuses on data governance and information protection within your organization. The course covers implementation of data loss prevention policies, sensitive information types, sensitivity labels, data retention policies and Office 365 message encryption among other related topics. The course helps learners prepare for the Microsoft Information Protection Administrator exam (SC-400).


Explain and use sensitivity labels.
Configure Data Loss Prevention policies.
Secure messages in Office 365.
Describe the information governance configuration process.
Define key terms associated with Microsoft’s information protection and governance solutions.
Explain the Content explorer and Activity explorer.
Describe how to use sensitive information types and trainable classifiers.
Review and analyze DLP reports.
Identify and mitigate DLP policy violations.
Describe the integration of DLP with Microsoft Cloud App Security (MCAS).
Deploy Endpoint DLP
Describe records management
Configure event driven retention
Import a file plan
Configure retention policies and labels
Create custom keyword dictionaries
Implement document fingerprinting

Course Outline:

1 – Implement Information Protection in Microsoft 365

  • Introduction to information protection and governance in Microsoft 365
  • Classify data for protection and governance
  • Create and manage sensitive information types
  • Describe Microsoft 365 encryption
  • Deploy message encryption in Office 365
  • Configure sensitivity labels
  • Apply and manage sensitivity labels

2 – Implement Data Loss Prevention in Microsoft 365

  • Prevent Data loss in Microsoft 365
  • Implement Endpoint data loss prevention
  • Configure DLP policies for Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps and Power Platform
  • Manage DLP policies and reports in Microsoft 365

3 – Implement Information Governance in Microsoft 365

  • Govern information in Microsoft 365
  • Manage data retention in Microsoft 365 workloads
  • Manage records in Microsoft 365

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