Office 365 Online Getting Started with Forms


This course introduces students to Forms in Office 365, which allows the creation of online forms and quizzes. Students will learn how to create forms, add questions, create quizzes, distribute forms, and review responses.


The objective of the class is to provide students with a thorough understanding of Forms in Office 365. Students will gain the knowledge to create online forms and quizzes, and work with various question types and settings.

Course Outline:

1 – Lessons

  • Overview of Microsoft Forms: Learn the basic functionality and navigation of Microsoft Forms.
  • Creating a Form in Microsoft Forms: Learn to create and copy a form. Learn to add sections and different types of questions.
  • Using Branching in a Form: Learn to make questions change based on responses to previous questions.
  • Creating a Quiz: Learn to create quizzes, as well as add questions and points.
  • Previewing a Form or Quiz: Learn to view results of forms and quizzes.
  • Sharing and Distributing Forms and Quizzes: Learn to share forms and review responses.
  • Working with Form or Quiz Settings: Learn to work with various form options.
  • Adding Graphics: Learn to change form themes and add images to questions.

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