Network Automation with Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform (DO457)


Configure and manage network infrastructure using Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform.

Network Automation with Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform (DO457) is designed for network administrators or infrastructure automation engineers who want to use network automation to centrally manage the switches, routers, and other devices in the organization’s network infrastructure. Learn how to use Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform to remotely automate the configuration of network devices, test and validate the current network state, and perform compliance checks to detect and correct configuration drift.

This course is based on Red Hat® Ansible Automation Platform 2.3


Prepare a development environment for Ansible network automation
Write and troubleshoot effective Ansible Playbooks for network automation
Gather information about network infrastructure configuration for infrastructure awareness and configuration backup
Automate specific network administration use cases, including configuration of routers and switches, ports, VLANs, SNMP monitoring, and routing protocols
Use Ansible Playbooks to manage devices from various hardware vendors, including Cisco, Juniper, and Arista
Centrally manage Ansible content in Git and run it centrally with automation controller
Reuse existing, tested network automation code with Ansible Roles, Ansible Content Collections, and Ansible validated content

Course Outline:

1 – Introducing Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

  • Describe the fundamental concepts of Ansible and how it is used, and install development tools from Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

2 – Implementing an Ansible Playbook

  • Create an inventory of managed nodes, write a simple Ansible Playbook, and run the playbook to automate tasks on those nodes

3 – Managing and Running Playbooks

  • Manage automation code in version control and run Ansible Playbooks from a centrally managed automation controller

4 – Managing Variables and Facts

  • Write playbooks that use variables to simplify management of the playbook and facts to reference information about managed nodes

5 – Implementing Task Control

  • Manage task control and task errors in Ansible Playbooks

6 – Simplifying Playbooks with Roles and Ansible Content Collections

  • Use Ansible Roles and Ansible Content Collections to develop playbooks more quickly and to reuse Ansible code

7 – Automating Network Automation Tasks

  • Automate common network administration tasks, discussing recommended practices and approaches to cross-vendor automation

8 – Comprehensive Review

  • Demonstrate skills learned in this course by installing, optimizing, and configuring Ansible for the management of network devices and infrastructure

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