Excel - Lookups from X to V in 365


This course is a deep dive into the new XLOOKUP function, VLOOKUP, and HLOOKUP functions. You will learn the different uses for XLOOKUP. You will use XLOOKUP to do vertical and horizontal lookups, return multiple values, two-way lookups, and compare two lists. This course is for the Excel 365 user who wants to learn the power of XLOOLUP.


Course Outline:

1 – Outline

  • Compare two lists with VLOOKUP and hide #N/A errors with the IFNA function.
  • Combine VLOOKUP and CONCAT to locate values based on multiple columns and use wildcards with VLOOKUP to retrieve information based on a partial match.
  • What is XLOOKUP? – Learn about the new XLOOKUP function and how to use it for vertical lookups.
  • Use XLOOKUP to Return Two or More Values – Learn how to use XLOOKUP to return two or more values.
  • Use XLOOKUP for a Horizontal lookup – Learn how to use XLOOKUP for a horizontal lookup.
  • Use XLOOKUP Match Modes – Learn how to use XLOOKUP match modes.
  • Use XLOOKUP Search Modes – Learn how to use XLOOKUP search modes.
  • Use XLOOKUP for a Two-Way Lookup – Learn how to use XLOOKUP for a two-way lookup.
  • Use XLOOKUP to Compare Two Lists – Learn how to use XLOOKUP to compare two lists.

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