Excel - Complex Lookups


The focus of this session is on using advanced LOOKUP functions in a variety of different ways to quickly find answers within a dataset. The course will also introduce a variety of useful functions regarding formula and error management. Lookup functions are one of the most frequently used advanced features in Excel, and this course will expand your knowledge of their power.


Course Outline:

1 – Outline

  • Compare two lists with VLOOKUP and use IFNA and IFERROR to refine displayed results from a VLOOKUP.
  • Combine VLOOKUP and CONCAT to locate values based on multiple columns and use wildcards with VLOOKUP to retrieve information based on a partial match.
  • Create a combined index and match formula.
  • Use the offset function with lookup functions.
  • Return a formula as a text string from a given reference.
  • Determine if specified cells contain formulas with the ISFORMULA function.

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