DP-090T00 Implementing a Machine Learning Solution with Microsoft Azure Databricks


Azure Databricks is a cloud-scale platform for data analytics and machine learning. In this one-day course, you’ll learn how to use Azure Databricks to explore, prepare, and model data; and integrate Databricks machine learning processes with Azure Machine Learning.


Provision an Azure Databricks workspace and cluster
Use Azure Databricks to train a machine learning model
Use MLflow to track experiments and manage machine learning models
Integrate Azure Databricks with Azure Machine Learning

Course Outline:

1 – Introduction to Azure Databricks

  • Getting Started with Azure Databricks
  • Working with Data in Azure Databricks

2 – Training and Evaluating Machine Learning Models

  • Preparing Data for Machine Learning
  • Training a Machine Learning Model

3 – Managing Experiments and Models

  • Using MLflow to Track Experiments
  • Managing Models

4 – Integrating Azure Databricks and Azure Machine Learning

  • Tracking Experiments with Azure Machine Learning
  • Deploying Models

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