DP-080T00 Querying Data with Microsoft Transact-SQL


This course will teach the basics of Microsoft’s dialect of the standard SQL language: Transact-SQL. Topics include both querying and modifying data in relational databases that are hosted in Microsoft SQL Server-based database systems, including: Microsoft SQL Server, Azure SQL Database and, Azure Synapse Analytics.


Use SQL Server query tools
Write SELECT statements to retrieve columns from one or more tables
Sort and filter selected data
Use built-in functions to returned data values
Create groups of data and aggregate the results
Modify data with Transact-SQL using INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE and MERGE

Course Outline:

1 – Getting Started with Transact-SQL

  • Introduction to Transact-SQL
  • Using the SELECT statement

2 – Sorting and Filtering Query Results

  • Sorting query results
  • Filtering the data

3 – Using Joins and Subqueries

  • Using JOIN operations
  • Using subqueries

4 – Using Built-in Functions

  • Getting started with scalar functions
  • Grouping aggregated results

5 – Modifying Data

  • Inserting data into tables
  • Modifying and deleting data

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