Certified CMMC Professional (CCP)


Certified CMMC Professional (CCP)

This course prepares students for the CMMC-AB Certified CMMC Professional (CCP) certification, which authorizes the holder to use the CMMC-AB Certified CMMC Professional logo, to participate as an Assessment Team Member under the supervision of a Certified CMMC Assessor, and to be listed in the CMMC-AB Marketplace. The CCP certification is also prerequisite for the other Certified CMMC Assessor certifications (CCA-1, CCA-3, and CCA-5).


Certified CMMC Professional (CCP)

Learning objectives, at the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Identify the threats to the defense supply chain and the established regulations and standards for managing the risk.
  • Identify the sensitive information that needs to be protected within the defense supply chain and how to manage it.
  • Describe how the CMMC Model ensures compliance with federal acquisitions regulations.
  • Identify responsibilities of the Certified CMMC Professional, including appropriate ethical behavior.
  • Establish the Certification and Assessment scope boundaries for evaluating the systems that protect regulated information.
  • Evaluate OSC readiness and determine the Objective Evidence you intend to present to the assessor.
  • Use the CMMC Assessment Guides to assess Objective Evidence for processes and practices.
  • Implement and evaluate practices required to meet CMMC Level 1.
  • Identify processes and practices required to meet CMMC Levels 2 and 3.
  • Identify processes and practices required to meet CMMC Levels 4 and 5.
  • As a CCP, work through the logistics of a CMMC Assessment.

Course Outline:

Certified CMMC Professional (CCP)

1 – Managing Risk within the Defense Supply Chain

  • Topic A: Identify Threats to the Defense Supply Chain
  • Topic B: Identify Regulatory Responses against Threats

2 – Handling Sensitive Information

  • Topic A: Identify Sensitive Information
  • Topic B: Manage the Sensitive Information

3 – Ensuring Compliance through CMMC

  • Topic A: Identify Limitations of Self-Certification
  • Topic B: Identify the Benefits of CMMC
  • Topic C: Describe the CMMC Model Architecture

4 – Performing CCP Responsibilities

  • Topic A: Identify Responsibilities of the CCP
  • Topic B: Demonstrate Appropriate Ethics and Behavior

5 – Scoping Certification and Assessment Boundaries

  • Topic A: Get Oriented to the OSC Environment
  • Topic B: Determine How Sensitive Information Moves
  • Topic C: Identify Systems in Scope
  • Topic D: Limit Scope

6 – Initiating the Assessment Process

  • Topic A: Evaluate Readiness
  • Topic B: Determine Objective Evidence

7 – Assessing Objective Evidence

  • Topic A: Assess the Practices Using the CMMC Assessment Guides
  • Topic B: Assess the Processes Using the CMMC Assessment Guide Level 3

8 – Implementing and Evaluating Level 1

  • Topic A: Identify CMMC Level 1 Domains and Practices
  • Topic B: Perform a CMMC Level 1 Gap Analysis
  • Topic C: Perform a CMMC Level 1 Evidence Validation

9 – Identifying Levels 2 & 3

  • Topic A: Identify Process Requirements for CMMC Levels 2 & 3
  • Topic B: Identify CMMC Level 2 Practices
  • Topic C: Identify CMMC Level 3 Practices

10 – Identifying Levels 4 & 5

  • Topic A: Identify CMMC Level 4 Processes and Practices
  • Topic B: Identify CMMC Level 5 Processes and Practices

11 – Working through an Assessment

  • Topic A: Define the Assessment Logistics
  • Topic B: Define the Remediation Process

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